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Monitoring assets from numerous  natural or human encroachments

Aerial View of Deforestation

We currently locate tasks on the map using satellite data and our machine learning (ML) operations; however, the AI occasionally misses some tasks, so clients must now manually create them & assign tasks to workers based on which locations, trees need to be cut at different priority levels, even though they can both see the location of the task through LiveEO tool. I have to let you know that in the past, clients used Excel files for tracking purposes.

Defining Product Goals

After discussion with the team these were the major goals we came up with​

  • Collaborate & Align expectations :
To bring whole team together for collating singular mind map

  • Brainstorm Stakeholders from different departments and roles, such as product managers, developers & marketing


  • To converge problem areas around task creation and make sure we solve essential problems first

Original App

I kickstarted the project by understanding existing design philosophy like Branding and exisiting Guidelines

image 108.png
Defining primary user 

Large ground based asset holders(in office supervisors) and out in the field crowd who is :
a. Big spender on Securing and maintaining their assets, team of people who does this on daily basis  an require certainty on what needs to be done.

b. have to review lot of documents to get an idea what they are looking at, cognitive load!
c. Have to remain on multiple channels, apps, maps no unified or seamless experience

Research highlights

After understanding problems currently faced by the end-user & the business in available ecosystem & demo graph we decided to study competitors & users 

Group 4.png

UX Debt,
Missing Interactions, disconnected experience, no onboarding

Group 5.png

No insight on 3rd party user of mobile app in the field, so lot of User Interviews in the field

Group 3.png

Brainstorming session with team to make sense of data  

Few visuals

After couple of cycle of iterations , user testing and design tweaks we finalized on these designs ! Currently available on Appstore & Google playstore

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