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NBA . Atlanta Hawks . 2018

Quick Book your favourite events on best price for true NBA fans

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Re-design a traditional sports app with some features similar to other existing apps and enhance the experience of Basketball lovers to connect with their favourite team in most accessible way possible.

Defining Product Goals

After discussion with the team these were the major goals we came up with​

  • Reduce app deletion, provide user retention for varied age groups for providing features which help them interact frequently with the app

  • Generate more commerce  beyond  tickets and venue events, like creating games  or  quiz for user's to win prizes


  • Improve User Journey for better engagement, Improve Accessibility, support features like Parking assist, local transport ticketing, F&B  seat delivery, Payments, Events etc.

Original App

We kickstarted the project by understanding existing design philosophy like Branding and exisiting Guidelines

Group 577.png
Group 578.png

 for events of the arena and other arena related bookings

Design is heavily reliant on color not content hierarchy


 Latest game info
Trivia and other team related information but none of them are targeted

Unstructured IA
 information is scattered
across app

Defining primary user 

Young vibrant crowd who is :
a. Big spender on team merchandise than other generations,  
b. Enjoys Celebrity events (Music and other shows) over 40+ generation who are more active on games
c. Would utilize Other features like - Parking assistant, food & beverage on seat etc

Research highlights

After understanding problems currently faced by the user & the business in available ecosystem & demograph we decided to study competitors & users 

Group 4.png

Business was failing to capitalize on app’s available ecosystem 

Group 5.png

User visits beyond events was becoming redundant which eventually lead to app deletion 

Group 3.png

It lacked accessibility to 40+ audience which was huge market

Few visuals

After couple of cycle of iterations , user testing and design tweaks we finalized on these designs ! Currently available on Appstore & Google playstore

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